Talad Thai Supermarket

Talad Thai Supermarket

Authentic Asian home cooking made simple
Go to Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a cold tea based drink served over ice with tapioca pearls or juice balls. It originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s, and has since ballooned into a World wide phenomenon.

Using freshly brewed tea every day, we promise that adults love it just as much as kids do!!

Go to Cafes Richards

Cafes Richards

Cafe Richards is one of the most highly regarded and popular brands of coffee in the whole of France. The only way to find out why is to try one for yourself.

Here in London, Cafes Richards is only reserved for the most exclusive eateries and Michelin starred restaurants. Talad Thai are very proud to be one of the only purveyors of Cafes Richards coffees in London.

Go to Comptoirs Richards Tea

Comptoirs Richards Tea

The perfect complement to Cafe Richards coffee, Comptoirs Richards have chosen only the very finest teas and painstakingly hand pick the leaves to ensure the ultimate in tea experience.

Comptoirs Richards tea really is the finest tea you can get.

Go to Dim Sum and special exotic pastries now available

Dim Sum and special exotic pastries now available

That’s right!! we are now selling our own range of Dim Sum to add to our already popular existing range of Spring Rolls and Curry Puffs. A brand new range of exciting exotic pastries will be available from the beginning of September

Why not relax and enjoy some of our exciting new recipes in our brand new seating area . Click here for more information.

Go to Outside Seating

Outside Seating

We have created a little oasis on our front yard so the hustle and bustle of urban life feels like a million miles away. It is the perfect place to spend a few minutes relaxing with a bubble tea or coffee before returning to the hectic world of London.

Here you can enjoy our new range of hot food which includes our new range of dim sum to accompany our regular favourites, spring rolls and curry puffs. We also have a new range of Exotic Desserts, Mochi Ice-Cream and traditional Thai Sweets

Go to Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstrations

Would you like to learn how to cook authentic Asian food but did not have the time to take classes while on holiday?

Our cooking demonstrations offer a unique opportunity to learn exactly how to prepare authentic, restaurant quality Asian cuisine, with the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in your food. You will get a step by step guide in how to prepare and cook all of your favourite Asian dishes from a professional Asian chef in our custom made kitchen.

Wow your friends at dinner parties or just a nice meal in with the family, you will love the results and will return to our demonstrations again and again.

Outdoor Catering

Weddings, parties for family or friends, trying to impress bosses and coworkers? What ever the occasion, we have very highly trained staff that have years of experience in providing expertly prepared authentic Thai food and catering for large groups and gatherings.We can work with you to create the perfect menu for your occasion to ensure that your guests are wowed every time, and leave very full and satisfied.

To request a quote or more information, please contact us using the form below to and leave us your contact details and requirements, and we

About Talad Thai

Putney's only Asian supermarket since 1990

Founded in 1990 by husband and wife team Sa-ard and Thanaporn Kriangsak, Talad Thai had one simple goal... To provide the local Thai community with the same food, drinks and sweets they grew up with back in Thailand.

As the shop expanded to include cuisine from all areas of Asia, from Japan to spices from India, the ideal of the shop also evolved to serve authentic Asian food to the entire Asian community, and to introduce the food that they knew and loved from back home to every local from Putney.

In 2015, Talad Thai's ownership was passed down from parents to daughter, and underwent yet another evolution. The entire shop closed down for a major refurbishment which lasted close to a year to develop. The new and improved Talad Thai has a beautiful new rustic look, and now includes exciting additions of Coffee, Bubble Tea and homemade hot food to take away, and still somehow manages to keep the same huge variety of products from all over Asia that talad Thai was known and loved for.

Our Ranges

We have a very wide variety of ingredients, herbs, spices and condaments .

Japanese Section

Preparing Japanese food does not need to be intimidating. From Curry and Miso to sushi preparation kits, we provide everything that you would need to make preparing the most challenging of dishes a piece of onigiri. Pop in store for more information


We have a huge selection of over 100 flavours of noodles. From egg noodles to vermicelli, we have everything you can think of and more.

If the sheer variety of the range is a little daunting, our staff are always on hand to provide any information you might need, and are more than happy to recommend their favourites.

Fresh Vegetables

Our wide range vegetables delivered three times a week, every week on Monday, Tuesday (for chillies Thai Basil, Thai aubergines etc) and Thursday, to ensure that they are always fresh and in perfect condition. Please be advised that due to change in climate in their travels the vegetable life span is not as long as usual but please feel free to ask[…]

Homemade Thai Desserts

We have a variety of homemade Thai Desserts that are freshly made every week by our expert dessert chef, for that genuinely authentic taste of Thailand.

For more information please visit us in store, or check our Facebook and Twitter pages and we will keep you up to date with our latest deliveries..

Herbs and Spices

Talad Thai has always been known for providing a vast array of herbs and spices from all over the orient and India. The new improved Talad Thai aims to maintain this exceptionally high standard .

We have everything you can think of to prepare your own recipes with origins anywhere in the world.

Frozen goods

We supply loads of frozen products that you just can’t get anywhere else locally.

We have a huge variety of frozen fish and fish balls. Squid, octopus, prawns, crab shredded duck, duck spring rolls, desserts, dim sum and much, much more.


We are very proud to say that all of our cups, bowls, cutlery and carrier bags are supplied by Vegware.

Vegware’s award winning catering disposables are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and all can be recycled along with food waste. So you do not have to feel guilty about forgetting to bring your own bag.

Opening Times

Monday…. 10am-8pm

Tuesday…. 10am-8pm





Sunday/Bank Holidays….10am-7pm

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