20th November 2014

Bubble Tea

 Our Menu:

Caramel Bubble_Tea

 Assam Milk Tea:

The most popular flavour. Assam tea base mixed with the special milk tea mix, shaken with ice and served traditionally with tapioca boba. It is sweet and milky.


Matcha Green Tea:

Made with a jasmine green tea base with concentrated matcha tea powder and served with tapioca boba. It has an unmistakably unique flavour, but much like the milk tea, it is also sweet and milky.



Made with a coffee base rather than with tea, the mocha has the sweet, smooth and slightly bitter taste that you would expect and is served with tapioca boba. It is very creamy and is a nice little pick-me-up on a hot day.



The caramel is made with the special brown sugar mix, ice and caramel syrup to give it that little extra flavour. This is definitely one for the kids or someone with a very sweet tooth.



Made without a tea base, the Strawberry is sweet, fruity and creamy, much like a milkshake but with that special bubble tea taste. Although usually served with Strawberry jellies, ic can also be served with the tapioca boba too.

Thai Tea

Thai Tea with Milk:

One of our own creations, Thai Tea is a traditional and very popular drink in Thailand. It is generally made with Bai Miang tea. Other ingredients may also include added orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind seed, and sometimes other spices as well. This tea is made very sweet using condensed milk and served chilled with evaporated milk. It is very sweet, but unmistakable tea flavoured, and is surprisingly refreshing on a hot day.

Thai Coffee

Oliang Thai Coffee with Milk:

Traditionally, Thai coffee is made with Oilang Coffee and is made to be very sweet and rather rich. It can be served black or with a small amount of evaporated milk depending on your taste.


 Hibiscus and Lychee:

This is our most popular bubble tea. Made with freshly brewed hibiscus flowers, the tea itself is a little sour and tangy. The lychee adds the sweetness to reduce the sourness, so we can add more if you prefer sweet, and less if you prefer tangy. Served with lychee juice balls, it is very refreshing in the Summer.

green mango

 Jasmine Green Tea and Mango:

Made with simple Jasmine green tea and concentrated Mango, served with ice and Mango juice balls. Perfect for re-energising on a long hazy Summer afternoon.


 Lemon Ice Tea:

Much like the Green Tea and Mango, this classic is best kept simple. Assam tea with lemon and a fresh hint of mint served with lemon and lime juice balls, great for reinvigorating your senses on a hot day.

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