17th August 2016

Hot Food to Take Away

We are very proud to be introducing our very own range of hot food.

We are currently the only establishment in Putney that offers dim sum. Our dim sum is excellent quality at a very reasonable price. Our customers come back time and time again. We only provide a limited amount every day, so it is best to get some early to avoid disappointment.

Our menu contains:

har gao recipe

Prawn Har Kau. Only £2.99 for 4 pieces


Pork and Prawn Siu Mai. Only £2.85 for 4 pieces


Char Siu Buns. Only £2.99 for 2 buns

Steamed Chicken Buns. £2.99 for 2 buns


Our famous spring rolls. Available in vegetarian for £1.00 each, or with chicken or pork for £1.50 each

We also have a special hot dish to take away which changes every day prepared by our expert chef. Please check out our facebook page for updates