31st May 2018

Our Product Ranges


Our wide range of noodles cater to every taste. They are cheap and cheerful as a snack, but you can also add some veg, meat or fish balls for a full meal.

Indomie are the favourite Indonesian instant noodle and extremely popular with our Australian customers. These have a very distinct flavour that differs a lot from the Thai noodles, and are to be served dry without soup.








Wai Wai are the original instant noodle from Thailand. The selection is rather small, but they are the favourite among Thai people, and their flavours are traditionally Thai. Give them a try for a more authentic taste.





Mama are the go to if you like a wide variety of strong flavours. They have a flavour for every taste whether you like spicy or non spicy, sour, sweet and just about anything you can think of. They are the only brand that also has a choice of noodle from egg, bean and rice vermicelli, and can be eaten soupy or dry. Mama also have a large range of rice porridge which is perfect on a cold day with a raw egg mixed in.




Nissin are Japanese Ramen noodles. The noodles are thicker and softer than the Thai variety, and they are only to be served as a hearty soup. They also have a very wide variety of flavours, and can be served by themselves or with strips of meat such as Chicken or Beef.






Nongshim produce Korean Ramyun which is considered a gourmet noodle. They are softer again than Nissin, but can be far more spicy. Their range is limited to seafood and kimchi, but their flavours are very strong and are very popular with our customers from all over the world.







Sweet chilli, sriracha, soy, sweet soy, plum, ponzu, hoisin, peking duck, maggi to name but a very few. Asia has a sauce for literally everything and they should all be tried at least once. When you find your favourite you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Kikkoman is the premier make of Japanese sauces on the market. They produce dipping soy sauce, low salt soy, tamari, ponzu (for gyoza), yakitori, Teriyaki and many more. Go to any good Japanese or sushi restaurant and they are guaranteed to serve Kikkoman sauces with their food because they all vouch for its quality.





Pearl River Bridge make very high quality and low cost soy sauces. They can be used for every occasion, but they are mainly used in cooking. The light soy in particular is extremely popular with our customers for its quality, cost and versatility.




Flying Goose Brand make a number of dipping sauces such as Hoisin and pepper sauce, but are most notable for their wide variety of sriracha sauce. Sriracha is a hot chilli sauce that is much hotter than the sweet chilli sauce. They have a range of flavours such as original, extra garlic, extra ginger, and if you like spice, extra hot. What ever your taste, sriracha is very moreish, and is hard to live without once experienced.


Mae Pranom should need no introduction as they are among the most popular sauces and pastes in Thailand. Where some brands cater to western tastes, Mae Pranom caters very much to their Thai audience. They make a range of very high quality sauces such as original Thai sweet chilli (which differs significantly from other brands), Sukiyaki, Papaya salad sauces, chilli and shrimp sauce and shrimp paste. If you want a more authentic Thai experience, then look no further than Mae Pranom.



Healthy Boy are a Thai Brand that has adapted to western tastes somewhat. Their Sweet chilli, plum sauce and sriracha differ greatly to the other brands, but are equally good quality and a little easier on the western palate. Their thin soy sauce is particularly popular with our customers.








Curry Pastes:

Our range of curry pastes have been designed to match many different tastes and cooking styles whilst maintaining exceptional quality. Our expert staff are always on hand to any customer who needs a little advice about which paste is for them and how to use them to make the most out of them. All of our curry pastes are made in Thailand, so you will not find a more authentic experience in any other high street shop, and they are super easy to prepare and impress your family and friends.


Lamduan is our premier brand of home made curry pastes. They are so authentic that they have only recently added English translations to their packaging. Their range contains almost every kind of curry you can think of, and they are of such high quality that all of our customers that have tried them say that they will never buy a different brand of curry paste again. As a side note, all of these curry pastes are in a southern Thai style, meaning they are hotter than the other brands, and they are also suitable for vegans.





Nittaya is the number one choice of curry paste for chefs and restaurants. Nittaya only comes in 1kg bags which means that they are suitable for catering to large parties or if you like a lot of curry. Their large quantity means that they are exceptional value for money and the curries that can be made from these pastes are absolutely stunning. Furthermore, they are a favourite of our own professional chef who only uses Nittaya in her personal cooking.

Namjai are another very traditional Thai curry paste. They are very popular with our Thai customers who love their authentic tastes and their simplicity in preparation. Their range of curry pastes is huge, and they also come in different sized containers to cater for most customers needs. They are a perfect go-to for simple and cheap curries for your family or parties, and they will never fail to impress. They even have a vegetarian range.

Mae Ploy make curry pastes similar to Namjai, however, the ratio of ingredients differs from Namjai which makes them better suited to western tastes. They are extremely popular with our non-Thai customers from all backgrounds, but are still on a par with their quality. They also produce excellent quality Tom Yum pastes, and chilli oil pastes that can be used as a base for many other dishes.


Cooking Sauces & Pastes:

Our ranges of sauces and pastes from all over Asia make preparing meals an absolute breeze. Everyone has their own favourite corner of Asian food, and we have sauces and pastes to cater for everyone.


Asian Home Gourmet produce excellent quality sauces and pastes from all over Asia. Whether you want to prepare Indonesian rendang curry, Chinese sweet & sour, Singaporean laksa, Japanese miso, Korean kimchi soup or Vietnamese Pho, and many many more, Asian Home Gourmet will cater to all tastes and make preparing authentic tasting meals an absolute breeze.



Thai Boy produce Tom Yum and Pad Thai pastes that are so good, we have removed almost every other brand from our shelves as no other brand comes close in regard to quality, flavour and simplicity of preparation. We guarantee, once you try Thai Boy pastes for yourself, you will never buy another brand again. They are simply the best you can buy.


Lee Kum Kee are a Chinese brand that specialise in many different types of oils, sauces and pastes for all kinds of Chinese and Asian cooking. They make everything from black bean sauces, satay, Chinese barbecue, spare rib sauce and chilli bean paste. They are second-to-none in their quality and variety.




Coconut Milk/Cream:

Our coconut milk is all produced exclusively in Thailand and comes in many different varieties to cater for all types of cooking. Although they have different ratios of coconut which means some are more suited to different dishes than others, they are all interchangeable for different tastes.

Chaokoh is a premier brand of coconut milk from Thailand. Their coconut milk is slightly less sweet and less rich than Aroy-D which makes them perfect for coconut milk based curries such as the green and red because it does not overpower the delicate flavours.





Aroy-D produce many different products, but they are most known for their coconut milk. Their milk is more sweet and rich due to the higher quantity of coconut which lends itself to making deserts and sweets. It is still very popular with our customers who use it to make curries who prefer a more coconuty flavour. The cartons contain 100% coconut, so they are perfect for adding to coffee for vegans or a healthy alternative to cow’s milk.







Rice is an absolute staple of Asian Cuisine. Rice is used as the main part or at least a side order for most Asian dishes. There are many different types of rice for different occasions. Although cooking rice can seem quite daunting if you have not cooked it before, it is actually surprisingly easy and our expert staff is on hand to offer tips and tricks to keep your rice perfectly cooked and fluffy.

 Little Angel produce a wide variety of high quality rice from Thailand. They are a one stop shop for most types of Thai rice, whether it is simple Jasmine rice, healthy brown, red, black or glutinous rice for deserts, Little Angel have everything you could possibly need to prepare any authentic Asian dish.







Royal Umbrella is another brand of Thai rice that specialises in Jasmine and glutinous rice. They are our Thai customer’s preferred brand, and they come in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg quantities.

Thai Crown are the preferred brand of large quantity rice. They are the perfect mix of quality and cost, and are ideal for large families who eat a lot of rice, caterers, restaurants and parties. They come in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg sizes.

Nishiki is a top quality brand of Japanese style rice, perfect for sushi and other Japanese rice dishes.



Herbs & Spices:

Our huge range of herbs and spices from all over the world are a must for cooking any cuisine of any nationality.


Rajah produce spices from predominantly India and the surrounding areas.  The spices include whole and ground cumin, whole and ground coriander seeds, ground turmeric, curry powders, garam masala, paprika, peppers, ground garlic and many many more. These spices are essential in so many Asian dishes, but can also add a good kick for non-Asian dishes too.




Greenfields produce many herbs and spices from all over Asia and Europe for all kinds of cooking. Most notable are the dried curry and kaffir lime leaves, which are notoriously difficult to come across due to strict import laws. Also, their cinnamon sticks are amazing value compared to other high street supermarkets.





TRS are a very well known brand of herbs, spices, seeds, nuts and lentils.






Snacks & Sweets:

Our snacks and sweets are all imported directly from Thailand and other areas of Asia so you can be sure that these are the exact flavours that our Asian customers grew up on. We have all kinds of sweets and snacks to cater to everyone regardless of their nationality, so there is something for everyone young and old.









Our Korean seaweed snacks are about as healthy as snacks can get, and tasty enough that even kids love them. The grilled seaweed is literally just that… lightly grilled with a little olive oil to create a crispy texture and deepen the flavour. The seasoned seaweed is similar but cut into very small strips with sesame seeds. It is extremely moreish by itself, or can be used to season rice.



Mochi is the latest craze from Japan. They are extremely soft little buns made from glutinous rice with a flavoured soft filling. They are extremely moreish due to their very squishy texture and their flavours that are not too sweet. They feel a little odd at first, but we have never had a customer that did not love them because they are so tasty and a lot of fun too.




Hanami make our toasted prawn flavoured crackers. Because they are toasted rather than fried, they have less saturated fats than other similar style snacks, and their delicate flavours keep you coming back for more.





Crispy rolls are a quintessentially Thai sweet, and no one does them better than DEE. They are made from rice flour and coconut milk and flavoured with pandan, taro and even durian. They make a great conversation piece at parties… if you haven’t already eaten them first.




Yan Yan are our biscuit dipping sweet. They come in a large variety of flavours, and they are an absolute favourite for kids.









Traditional Frozen Deserts:


Loose Leaf and Bag Teas: